Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goodbye Raleigh Part 1

Today was my last day at work!  The packers are packing our house today and seeing these boxes make it very real.  Maybe I was in denial or haven't really had the time to just sit and ponder but now I'm sad.

Leo and I moved here 6.5 years ago.  We were newlyweds 25 and 22 years old embarking in a new adventure, moving away from friends and family, becoming a family of our own and starting our careers.  We learned so much about each other the first year because all we had was each other.  The first year was hard but it made us who we are today.  Then the years starting flying by, we bought our first house, Leo found an amazing job, we adopted Pebbles, I got my master's from NC State and the biggest change of all Nicolas was born!

These 6.5 years have been amazing, I would not change anything.  We've grown up and now we are watching Nicolas grow up.  I am really going to miss Raleigh.  I know we'll always cherish the time we lived here, the friends we've made and the memories.  We are excited about what life is going to bring us in the next few years.   

This is a picture of Leo and me before Nic was born...(I hardly remember life without him)

Pebbles made me a runner.  She is such an active dog that I needed to find a way to tire her out.  We began to jog and now I use running as my quite time.  I look forward to my Saturday morning jogs.

Graduation Day (December 2008)

One of the first pictures of the new Sanchez family! I can't believe Nicolas is going to be 2 in a week. 

Stay tuned for part II dedicated to all our friends. 

So not goodbye just yet.