Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 Years and 9 Months

My 1st baby turned 4 February 23.  I relived the day he was born and it is incredible to me that defenseless, tiny, newborn

has become this loud, lovable, talkative, imaginative, mama's boy.

The first year of our little family of 3 was hard on me but looking back it passed so fast that I wish I would have enjoyed Nicolas more.  I think we made up for that the last 3 years.  Love you my big boy!  You are such a sweet lovable little guy.  He loves his little brother and has never showed any jealousy toward him.  I'm looking forward to seeing their friendship develop in the years to come.

My littlest guy is 9 months! It feels like he was just born.  He is pulling up, crawling, clapping, and waving.  He laughs at every silly thing Nicolas does and is a mama's boy.  (do you see a theme...LOL).

We had our 9 month appointment and he is 27.5 (20-25%) inches long and 16 lbs (LT 5%).  He loves to eat and is eating some table food as well as baby food.

Silly face

My baby looks like a big boy!

Cute silly brothers

I can't believe in 3 months Lucas will be 1.  Time please slow down just a little, I want to enjoy the time I have with all my boys.

Until next time.