Friday, November 21, 2008

27 Weeks!

I can't believe it is the beginning of the 3rd trimester!! I've been feeling great lately, trying to keep up my jogging/walking but it is getting harder due to the weather in NC. Some days it is perfect out (60 degrees) other days it is freezing (40 degrees). It gets dark here so early that I need to get out by 5pm to make it back before dark. Speaking of crazy weather, it was snowing here this morning!! I woke up to get to work and when I went to let out the dog, it was snowing. Pebbles is not used to snow so she came back in the house pretty quickly. The snow never sticks so by noon it is going to be all gone. I like this kind of snow b/c we don't have to worry about shoveling or icy roads.

I also went to the Doctors yesterday and they told me everything was looking great with the baby. I gained 4 pounds in 4 weeks, a total of 16 pounds. I had to do the gestational diabetes test and I passed, thank God b/c I don't think I would ever be able to give up sweets. From now on I will be going to the doctor every other week b/c it is my final trimester. The baby is moving regularly now and there are days that he moves more and days that he takes it easy.

Leo's dad has been visiting since Monday but we haven't done much. I've been so busy with school and work that we haven't had time to do much of anything. We are headed to DC today at around 4pm to sight see. I was hoping for a warmer weekend but it is going to be around 45 the high for both Saturday and Sunday. I will post pictures when we get back.

There has been no more progress on the baby nursery. We are waiting for visitor to come and go before we put in the chair rail in early December. I think once all the baby stuff is in the room it is going to dawn on me that I'm having a baby!

Last weekend, I received the invitation for my baby shower in Miami. It is beautiful, thanks to Caro (my sis). I know the party is going to be wonderful b/c T and Caro will make it special and all my friends and family will be there to share that day with me.

The two pics in the blog are the latest belly pics. It is growing every week. I didn't take any pics of my face b/c we took the pictures late and I looked tired so you guys just get pics of my belly.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

24 weeks & 4 days!

A quick update this week. First, I'm feeling great! The baby has been moving more and more everyday. The baby moves a bunch in the middle of day and mostly after I eat. I haven't gained any more weight since the dr's appt. I'm at 11 pounds total. I was feeling like I was overeating lately but I guess not.

The nursery is coming along great. We finished painting last weekend. The stripes came out awesome and the color of the room is perfect. We are hoping to put in the chair rail in 2 weeks.

We also bought a running stroller from one of Leo's friends. It was in perfect condition and for a great price.

Those are all the updates I have for now. There a new pics of the nursery painting progress and my belly for this week. click below to see more pics.