Sunday, February 26, 2012

26 weeks

Weeks: 26 weeks 3 days
Weight gain: 14.8-16+ lbs (it varies)
Name progress: I told Leo we could go with what I though was his favorite name and he just said "eh, ok we can add it to the list." I wish the perfect name would just appear. So this mean no name.
Exercise: I walked/jogged (more walk than jog) 3 times with week!! woohoo.  On Tuesday I walked but after I felt so bad, I think I overdid it.  I felt better the rest of the week.
Pregnancy Complaints: I've had more aches and pains this week.  Recently I've felt like my belly is stretching, tight, and uncomfortable. 
Other news: *Because of Nic's 3rd birthday celebrations last weekend I missed the 25 week update.  *Leo is leaving for a business trip this week and I'm hoping I can get some organizing done while he is gone.  *I have my 27 week appointment this week! woohoo.  *I looked back at pregnancy pics with Nicolas and I noticed a big change.  My belly is more out there this time and I do look bigger but I'm loving my belly.   

bare belly shot: it is scary how much it has grown!!

Until next week!


Friday, February 24, 2012

3 years ago

(This was supposed to be posted yesterday but a busy day didn't allow it so it is better late than never)

After two and a half days of labor finally Nicolas was born on February 23, 2009 at 9:41am.  I remember it like yesterday.  I often describe this moment is euphoric.  I remember holding him and crying because I could not believe that after the 9 months of protecting him in my belly he was finally out. 

With each year there have been ups and downs but I can honestly say that after the first year of adjustments there have been many more ups than downs. 

This is where I am going to be an annoying mom and say why Nic is so wonderful.  He is sweet, thoughtful, loving, smart, polite, a mama's boy, full of energy, loves TV, loves his school, prays every night for all his family, friends, teachers and tv characters (LOL). 

And everyday I pray that he continues to learn and explore the world but stays away from all the bad that is in it.  I pray that Leo and I continue to work on being the best people and best parents to Nicolas and the little guy in my belly.

Papi and Mami love you Nicolas and hope you had a great birthday!  Here are some pictures of him as time has passed.

1 day old

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

24 weeks!

Weeks: 24.5 weeks
Weight gain: 13.2+
Name progress: none.  LOL 
Exercise: Leo, Nic, Pebbles and I took a walk/jog on Thursday and I ran/walked again today to Starbucks.  Nic and I had a great morningI love having our mall/shopping center at a walking distance.
Pregnancy Complaints: This weeks I've been so exhausted by 8:30pm.  Twice I was in bed by 9:30pm. I'm not sure if it is pregnancy or just regular exhaustion.
Other news: We are starting to feel that time is slipping away so we are prepping the house for our new family member due to arrive at the end of May.  So today we converted Nic's room to a big boy room.  It was bitter sweet but I know it needed to get done.  I will elaborate in another post.

here is my bare belly shot. 

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

23 weeks!

Weeks: 23.5 weeks
Weight gain: 11.6-weighed on Wed.
Movement: He has moved a bunch this week.  He seems to be the most active after dinner.  Even my mom got to feel him move this week while she was in town.   
Exercise: I jogged/walked today for the first time in almost 2 weeks.  This week was extra busy at work so I only got to get out today.  February has been pretty warm so today's jog was a little uncomfortable. 
Pregnancy Complaints: A little extra tired but nothing out of the ordinary. 
Other news: The week went by fast and it was thanks to the help from my mom.  She is so much help around the house when she comes visits.  Leo finally made it back from a business trip!! We had a "date" on Friday after he made it back and watched The Descendents.  It was a great movie. All in all a great week. 

More pics: 
Leo takes my weekly pics and he always seems to get frustrated with the amount of pics he needs to take for the perfect pic.  Here are some outtakes, not very flattering but funny.

Bare belly

Strike a pose

Couldn't stop laughing.

Until next week!