Sunday, February 26, 2012

26 weeks

Weeks: 26 weeks 3 days
Weight gain: 14.8-16+ lbs (it varies)
Name progress: I told Leo we could go with what I though was his favorite name and he just said "eh, ok we can add it to the list." I wish the perfect name would just appear. So this mean no name.
Exercise: I walked/jogged (more walk than jog) 3 times with week!! woohoo.  On Tuesday I walked but after I felt so bad, I think I overdid it.  I felt better the rest of the week.
Pregnancy Complaints: I've had more aches and pains this week.  Recently I've felt like my belly is stretching, tight, and uncomfortable. 
Other news: *Because of Nic's 3rd birthday celebrations last weekend I missed the 25 week update.  *Leo is leaving for a business trip this week and I'm hoping I can get some organizing done while he is gone.  *I have my 27 week appointment this week! woohoo.  *I looked back at pregnancy pics with Nicolas and I noticed a big change.  My belly is more out there this time and I do look bigger but I'm loving my belly.   

bare belly shot: it is scary how much it has grown!!

Until next week!


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