Sunday, February 5, 2012

23 weeks!

Weeks: 23.5 weeks
Weight gain: 11.6-weighed on Wed.
Movement: He has moved a bunch this week.  He seems to be the most active after dinner.  Even my mom got to feel him move this week while she was in town.   
Exercise: I jogged/walked today for the first time in almost 2 weeks.  This week was extra busy at work so I only got to get out today.  February has been pretty warm so today's jog was a little uncomfortable. 
Pregnancy Complaints: A little extra tired but nothing out of the ordinary. 
Other news: The week went by fast and it was thanks to the help from my mom.  She is so much help around the house when she comes visits.  Leo finally made it back from a business trip!! We had a "date" on Friday after he made it back and watched The Descendents.  It was a great movie. All in all a great week. 

More pics: 
Leo takes my weekly pics and he always seems to get frustrated with the amount of pics he needs to take for the perfect pic.  Here are some outtakes, not very flattering but funny.

Bare belly

Strike a pose

Couldn't stop laughing.

Until next week!

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