Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I hope my gordis had a great Father's Day because he deserves it.  Every morning he gets up at 6:20am, gets Nic ready for school, drops him off, and heads to work (1-1.5 hour commute).  Works for 9-10 hours and then heads back home and finally makes it by 7:45pm.  I complain all the time because I'm tired and I hate the commute but Leo doesn't complain.  He does it.  He cherishes the little bit of time with Nic before school and makes sure to hug and tell him he loves him right before bed.

Days and weeks go by without me acknowledging how lucky I am for Leo as a husband and father.  I hope he knows that even if I don't say it, I think it and feel it everyday.  We have a good thing and I hope that it only gets better.  To many more years and Father's Day.

Love you Gordis!

Here are a few pics from our Father's Day.

Father's Day Breakfast in bed!

A hug from Papi

Baseball Game!

Running the bases after the game!

And they are safe!

And a rainbow to finish off a great day!!

p.s.  These pictures suck technically but the moments are what count!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little something on this Wednesday

I was looking through my e-buddy's Ashley's links and found this photo challenge.  I fell of the challenge wagon a few months ago because my creativity is being trumped by exhaustion.  So I barely pick up my camera during the week.  But this weekend after creating a container garden w/ Nicolas I captured this blooming flower. 

I love the shape of it and the color and the best part is that it is SOOC! woohoo! 

Here is another macroish shot of the coolest grasshopper.

It is hard to choose so I'll give you both!!

I hope you like them and if you want to see some more great macro shots click below!

Have a great hump day!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodbye London

So it seems like all we did was walk around the city and eat but we also caught two plays and a couple of museums.

We watched Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare's Globe Theater and Chicago at the Cambridge Theater near Soho and Picadilly Circus.  It is crazy to think that about 500 years ago Shakespeare's plays were performed on that same stage.  The picture does not do it justice and the play was really good (a little too long, 3 hours).

Chicago was great too! It was great to know the songs so we could sing along and yes Leo was signing along too!

We also went to Greenwich to the Royal Observatory.  I thought it was going to be kinda boring but the little town was so cute and the museum was cool!

The trip was short but it was exactly what Leo and I needed.  Since we moved to FL late February our weeks are long, our weekends short, our commutes cut into our time together and dates are non existent.  So we love adult only vacations because it helps us reconnect and focus just on us.  We talked, stayed up late, laughed, drank a little too much wine, slept in, ate, etc. and we can't wait for our next one. 

For the entire album click here.

Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The sights in London

I looked out the window as the plane was descending and then saw beautiful central London.  This is the best shot I got. 

The London Eye at the bottom right, the river Thames, and Parliment in the blurry part of the picture. (Jet's heat stream created the blurry part)

I love climbing all the way to the top of places to be able to have a birds eye view of different cities.  So when we toured St. Paul's Cathedral, I knew I would climb the 378 steps to get to the top. 

Right after I snapped this picture the rain caught up to us. 

We also took a whole afternoon to wonder through central London to take in all the sights.  I love seeing old and new so perfectly intertwined.

The Tower of London


The London Eye

Stay stunned for the last post about London!

Have a great week

Thursday, June 2, 2011

London Eats & ramblings

Leo and I take a yearly vacation, no kids allowed, sorry Nicolas.  I dread the trip the week before because I hate leaving him, so I start preparing for the worst (what if something happens to us while we are gone, does my mom have all she needs for Nic, can I get out of this trip, etc).  Then as the time gets closer I start getting excited about the kid free vacation and start to shed some of the anxiety.  This trip caused a little more anxiety b/c we were flying overseas but more payoff too!

We had been to London one other time and we did most of the big touristy things so this time we just wanted to soak in London, and what is the best way to really dive into the country but by eating! For those that don't know I LOVE to eat! And while on vacation it is a constant thought as we are walking, "what are we having next."  I didn't document the all the food we consumed but most of it.

One of my favorite things about London is that it is so diverse.  I love how you can find almost any type of cuisine. We ate at a Thai restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a Spanish food vendor at an outdoor market, French pastries and food, the traditional English Pub, and even an Argentinian Steakhouse!

Here are some collages I compiled about most of the food and wine we consumed!

The English Pub!

Yummy Thai!

The best pasta carbonara ever! (Papa Cicci)

Yummy snacks in Greenwich and wine at the unauthentic french restaurant.

And last, an Argentinian Steakhouse, a way to Leo's heart! (plus creme brulee and flan)

Keep tuned for more London shots!