Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I hope my gordis had a great Father's Day because he deserves it.  Every morning he gets up at 6:20am, gets Nic ready for school, drops him off, and heads to work (1-1.5 hour commute).  Works for 9-10 hours and then heads back home and finally makes it by 7:45pm.  I complain all the time because I'm tired and I hate the commute but Leo doesn't complain.  He does it.  He cherishes the little bit of time with Nic before school and makes sure to hug and tell him he loves him right before bed.

Days and weeks go by without me acknowledging how lucky I am for Leo as a husband and father.  I hope he knows that even if I don't say it, I think it and feel it everyday.  We have a good thing and I hope that it only gets better.  To many more years and Father's Day.

Love you Gordis!

Here are a few pics from our Father's Day.

Father's Day Breakfast in bed!

A hug from Papi

Baseball Game!

Running the bases after the game!

And they are safe!

And a rainbow to finish off a great day!!

p.s.  These pictures suck technically but the moments are what count!


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  1. So glad you guys had a wonderful Father's Day - he definitely deserved it.