Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodbye London

So it seems like all we did was walk around the city and eat but we also caught two plays and a couple of museums.

We watched Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare's Globe Theater and Chicago at the Cambridge Theater near Soho and Picadilly Circus.  It is crazy to think that about 500 years ago Shakespeare's plays were performed on that same stage.  The picture does not do it justice and the play was really good (a little too long, 3 hours).

Chicago was great too! It was great to know the songs so we could sing along and yes Leo was signing along too!

We also went to Greenwich to the Royal Observatory.  I thought it was going to be kinda boring but the little town was so cute and the museum was cool!

The trip was short but it was exactly what Leo and I needed.  Since we moved to FL late February our weeks are long, our weekends short, our commutes cut into our time together and dates are non existent.  So we love adult only vacations because it helps us reconnect and focus just on us.  We talked, stayed up late, laughed, drank a little too much wine, slept in, ate, etc. and we can't wait for our next one. 

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Have a great weekend!!

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