Thursday, June 2, 2011

London Eats & ramblings

Leo and I take a yearly vacation, no kids allowed, sorry Nicolas.  I dread the trip the week before because I hate leaving him, so I start preparing for the worst (what if something happens to us while we are gone, does my mom have all she needs for Nic, can I get out of this trip, etc).  Then as the time gets closer I start getting excited about the kid free vacation and start to shed some of the anxiety.  This trip caused a little more anxiety b/c we were flying overseas but more payoff too!

We had been to London one other time and we did most of the big touristy things so this time we just wanted to soak in London, and what is the best way to really dive into the country but by eating! For those that don't know I LOVE to eat! And while on vacation it is a constant thought as we are walking, "what are we having next."  I didn't document the all the food we consumed but most of it.

One of my favorite things about London is that it is so diverse.  I love how you can find almost any type of cuisine. We ate at a Thai restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a Spanish food vendor at an outdoor market, French pastries and food, the traditional English Pub, and even an Argentinian Steakhouse!

Here are some collages I compiled about most of the food and wine we consumed!

The English Pub!

Yummy Thai!

The best pasta carbonara ever! (Papa Cicci)

Yummy snacks in Greenwich and wine at the unauthentic french restaurant.

And last, an Argentinian Steakhouse, a way to Leo's heart! (plus creme brulee and flan)

Keep tuned for more London shots!


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  1. Looks like you two have a great time, Nat! Love the captures