Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2012

I love going through my pictures for the year and reminiscing about the year.  2012 will go down as a year full of change.  We went from a family of 3 to a family of 4, I left my secure government career for a high stress challenging private sector career, and we moved to Tampa.  So without further ado...

1. Me! – 

I took one picture a week while I was pregnant with Lucas and this was the last one. I was in active labor and still managed to get hubby to take these pictures.  (I was having a contraction during the 2nd pic, LOL)

2. I Love You –

The only love missing is my hubby!

3. Still Laughing… 

I was trying to get maternity shots and I asked hubby to pose so I could get the settings in the camera right and this was his pose.  Love it, he is silly. 

4. Winter Wonderland –

There is not real winter in Florida but we went to see some Christmas lights and the boys were able to get a picture with Santa.  

5. Birthday – 

Lucas was born 5/30/2012 and it was one of the happiest days of our lives! This is a picture less than 24 hours after he was born still in the hospital.

We have started celebrating 1/2 birthday's.  This was Nic's 3.5 birthday. 

6. Friends – 

These are my girls of the "Inner Circle" and we are there for each other no matter what.  Love them.

7. I Was Inspired… 
I tried to take newborn like pics and this the best I could come up with.  Oh well, they are good memories.  

8. Spring Fever – 

I was in a photography slump this year so no pics just for the heck of it.  This picture was taken in April so it is my spring picture. 

9. Travel or Vacation –

We took a quick trip to Disney in March, Nic loved it.

This was taken during our Babymoon.  We went on a cruise for 4 was just what we needed before Lucas was born.

10. Summer Days – 

It was a hot summer in Lakeland and even with a newborn, we would go to the park almost every weekend and enjoy the outdoors.  Nic's favorite was the splash park. 

11. A Day In My Life –

At my new job I usually will eat outside and enjoy the Florida winter.  

12. All Smiles – a picture that makes you smile or of smiling faces.

This is Nic splashing in our pool in December! Only in Florida.  Can't wait for the summer. 

13. Autumn Harvest – 

This year we didn't carve pumpkins for Halloween or do anything "Fallish".  But this is Nic wearing Halloween socks in mid-November.  It is as close to "Fall" as we got. LOL

14. Family or Home – 

This is a family shot we took at the beach on Thanksgiving day.  We spent a quite holiday at home and the day was beautiful.

And this is a pic of our new house.  One of our favorite parts of the house is the back yard! 

15. Celebrate! – a picture that reflects a celebration.

This is a silly picture of my siblings and me dancing on Christmas Eve.  It is not Christmas unless we are all together!

16. Let’s Do It Again… –

Leo and I went on a babymoon before Lucas was born and I know he is itching for another adult only vacation.

17. I Miss You – 

I stopped running at about 5 months pregnant with Lucas and have not really picked it back up since.  I miss jogging and hopefully I'll get back into shape for 2013.  

18. Beautiful – 

This was the view from my back porch in Lakeland.  I loved waking up to look out and see what kind of sunrise it would be.  

19. Dress Up – 

Nic was the cutest dragon for Halloween this year! 

20. Macro – 

This is the closest thing I have to a macro shot. 

21. Holidays – a picture from the Holiday of your choice.

Taken on Christmas Eve!

22. My Favorite – 

One of my favorite shots of Lucas and Nicolas!

23. Don’t Ever Change –
Lucas has the best smile/laugh/happy face.  I wish that he continues to be a happy little guy and brightening our lives!

24. Just Because…So There! – 

One of the few non-kid pics I took this year. 

25. Hopes and Dreams –  

My hopes for 2013 are simple;  spend time with my family and friends, watch my boys grow, be a good mother, wife, and employee, and start running again. Hopefully I can manage them all.  

With the boys on my side, I know it will be an awesome year!

Happy New Year!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lucas is 7 months!! and a recap

It has been a while since I posted an update on Lucas and Nicolas.  It is amazing how the months fly by.

Lots has happened in the last 4 months.  We moved to our new house in Tampa, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years came and went and now it is 2013!

Lucas is doing great.  He is cutting his first two teeth and is very fussy lately.  He is finally sitting unsupported.  He is a total mama's boys and only wants to be held by me.

At his 6 month appt he was supposedly 16 lbs 3 oz but I don't think their scale was right.  He measured 25.75 inches and he was meeting all his milestones.

Here are a few monthly pics of Lucas and my favs of the boys from the last few months.

4 Months!

5 months

Halloween edition Nicolas and Lucas

6 months

Lastly 7 months!

To many more memories for the year to come!!