Monday, May 28, 2012

39.5 week update!

I've made it to 39 weeks 5 days and no sign of baby yet.  Here is the recap for the week.

Weeks: 39 weeks 5 days
Weight gain: 25-26.5lbs
Exercise: One good long walk and 2 short 1 mile walks around the block.
Name Update: Leo is not 100% sure on the name we decided about 2 months ago so we are now between two names! Cutting a little close wouldn't you say.  I'm a little frustrated but hopefully once he is born we will know what name fits him the best. 
Pregnancy Complaints: Braxton Hicks still around and during the weekend my lower back has been really sore.  Today I feel much better and I think it was due to my massage on Saturday. 
Other news: At my 39th week appointment I was at 2cm and 50% effaced.  Woohoo.  With Nic it took me about 40+ hours from the first contraction to 3cm.  I think this labor will be shorter or at least that is what I'm praying for.  I actually had a little scare last Sunday/Monday when I was having timeable contractions 8 minutes apart for about 4-5 hours but then they died down.  I think that is what got me to the 2cm.  No more contractions all week or this weekend.  Leo and I had thought that maybe this weekend was when he would make his appearance but I guess not. 

I'm starting to wonder what he will look like, like Leo, me or Nic.  Will he have as much hair as Nic? I keep praying for a good labor and delivery and a healthy baby boy.  I pray that Nic adjusts to the new baby and that we have the patience for the new baby and Nic.  I know it is going to be an adjustment for the whole family and I pray for the strength to be able to survive the first few months that are so hard.

Here are the pics week 39!  Maybe next week it will be a baby instead!

Until next time!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

38.5 week short update

My BFF Tiana had her baby and we made a quick trip to Miami Friday and got back this afternoon.  I'm now very tired.  So excuse the crappy pics and my short recap.

Weeks: 38 weeks 4 days
Weight gain: 24-26.5lbs
Exercise: One good long walk and keeping up with Nic.  That is enough exercise right there.
Pregnancy Complaints: There are days that the Braxton Hicks are all day yet others it is calm.  Feeling all around pretty good.
Other news: At my 38th week appointment I was at 1cm, "soft" but "long."  That is more progress than I ever had with Nic so that is cool!  I'm hoping for a shorter labor but enough time to get a person to come watch Nic while we head to the hospital.

My hospital bag is packed and ready, the car seat is installed, and the house is pretty ready.  (Still need to do a deep cleaning so hopefully the baby waits until after Thursday of this week to come, LOL)

Here are the pics!

38.5 weeks

38.5 bare belly

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Full Term!! 37.5 week update

Weeks: 37 weeks 4 days
Weight gain: 24-25lbs
Name progress: Adrian Daniel.  I hope he looks like an Adrian b/c we have no back up name. LOL
Exercise: Two long walk (2.2 miles each) and no achenes!! woohoo!
Pregnancy Complaints: Braxton hicks throughout the day but nothing too bad, no leg cramps this week (woohoo).  Feeling all around pretty good. Taking advantage of weekends to sleep and rest.
Other news: Today was Mother's Day and we had a great brunch and a relaxing day and weekend.  Only a few more weeks until we meet baby Adrain!! 

I did a comparison shot of the two pregnancies and I think for the most part they are pretty similar.

Until next week!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

35 & 36 week update!

I missed a week and I'm late for the 36 week update, oops.  It has been crazy busy lately with work and house stuff.  Here is the recap for the last week.

Weeks: 36 weeks 4 days
Weight gain: 22-24 lbs I gained some weight in two weeks.  I'm still a little under what I was with Nic but I think I'll be between 27-30 lbs by the end. 
Name progress: Baby Adrian but Nicolas still does not acknowledge the baby by Adrian but by Baby Simba Nemo Patrick (Patrick from Spongebob).  Nicolas is too funny.
Exercise: I'm averaging a long walk (2-3 miles) once a week. But again I was achy for 2 
Pregnancy Complaints: Same complaints, a little bit of braxton hicks, leg cramps thanks to wearing heals one afternoon, achy pelvic bone especially after a long walk and while turning in bed.  I've been really tired lately too but I'm still going a mile a minute at work and at home so it explains the exhaustion.  But aside from the normal stuff I'm feeling pretty good! I'm so grateful for an easy pregnancy b/c I don't think I could have handled the long commute, my stressful job and the house if it wasn't. 
Other news:  I think Nicolas starting to sense something is going to change pretty soon. He stalls at bedtime and just wants to talk.  It worries me to think about splitting my time with a needy newborn and a needy toddler.  Nicolas is such a loving mama's boy that I think the adjustment is going to be hard for him.  I hope I can give them the time and attention they both will need and that we are patient with Nic as he transitions from an only child to a big brother.  Only time will tell.

So without further ado here are pics from 35 and 36 weeks.

Bare Belly at 35.5 weeks (the belly is taking over!)

I look a little messy but this was after my 2 mile walk and I knew if I didn't get the pic then I would have to miss a weekly picture.


On April 20th my good friend Cassandra threw me an awesome baby shower at work.  The decorations were beautiful, my co-workers/friends were extremely generous, and we had a really good time playing games (the men participated too!).  Leo played a couple of games and he even won one (it was actually a consolation price, LOL). 

So here are some of the pics from that day!

The Gift Table

The games table!

Becky and me! the winner of the belly measuring game.

Leo's consolation price!

The jello feeding game!

Great sports!!

A Picture with the hostess Cassandra!

To see more pics here is the link to the album.  

This post is a little late but I wanted to thank Cassandra and all my co-workers and friends for their generosity.

Until next time!!