Monday, May 28, 2012

39.5 week update!

I've made it to 39 weeks 5 days and no sign of baby yet.  Here is the recap for the week.

Weeks: 39 weeks 5 days
Weight gain: 25-26.5lbs
Exercise: One good long walk and 2 short 1 mile walks around the block.
Name Update: Leo is not 100% sure on the name we decided about 2 months ago so we are now between two names! Cutting a little close wouldn't you say.  I'm a little frustrated but hopefully once he is born we will know what name fits him the best. 
Pregnancy Complaints: Braxton Hicks still around and during the weekend my lower back has been really sore.  Today I feel much better and I think it was due to my massage on Saturday. 
Other news: At my 39th week appointment I was at 2cm and 50% effaced.  Woohoo.  With Nic it took me about 40+ hours from the first contraction to 3cm.  I think this labor will be shorter or at least that is what I'm praying for.  I actually had a little scare last Sunday/Monday when I was having timeable contractions 8 minutes apart for about 4-5 hours but then they died down.  I think that is what got me to the 2cm.  No more contractions all week or this weekend.  Leo and I had thought that maybe this weekend was when he would make his appearance but I guess not. 

I'm starting to wonder what he will look like, like Leo, me or Nic.  Will he have as much hair as Nic? I keep praying for a good labor and delivery and a healthy baby boy.  I pray that Nic adjusts to the new baby and that we have the patience for the new baby and Nic.  I know it is going to be an adjustment for the whole family and I pray for the strength to be able to survive the first few months that are so hard.

Here are the pics week 39!  Maybe next week it will be a baby instead!

Until next time!


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  1. Looks like you got everything you wanted ~ healthy baby boy, easy delivery (not as long as Nicolas' delivery) & he has a head full of hair.. He is BEAUTIFUL!! I am super proud of you! I am very happy for you & Leo. He's name also is cute (even though it was changed..LOL).. Best of all he was born on my Birthday!! I can't wait to meet Little Lucas Adrian!!