Saturday, January 28, 2012

22 weeks, about 18 weeks to meet baby boy #2!

Weeks: 22.5 weeks
Weight gain: 8.4-weighed in Wed. (with Nic I was 11.5 at 22.5 weeks)
Name Search: This little boy will be nameless, LOL.  We can not commit to a name.  We like 3 names but we are not committed and are hoping a name just hit us and we'll know.  For now we call him baby, how original.
Movement: another couple of slow days this week but the movements are getting stronger more on schedule.  
Exercise: I walked one day this week and hopefully I'll get my 2nd walk/jog tomorrow. (update: no weekend jog, oh well.)
Pregnancy Complaints: my pelvic pain from last week is not very noticeable this week since I took it easy.  Woohoo! So no complaints this week.
Other news: I bought some more maternity clothes this week b/c I felt that I missing a few basic pieces.  I scored 6 for a little more than 60 bucks, free shipping and I already got the order!!

Leo has been gone for the entire week with one more week to go.  Nic and I are surviving.  Nic has kept me company and beside his sleep strike he has been great!

Until next week!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday-Nic and Pebbles

Today I'm thankful for my "big boy" Nicolas and the best dog ever Pebbles.  At first they ignored each other, then Pebbles was cautious, then Pebbles became a little rougher, and now Nic tries to boss her around and gets upset at her for stealing his toys or food. 

Their dynamic is exhausting (for me), funny, and sweet.  Every night Nic and I pray and ask Jesus and God to take care of the family and Pebbles is the 3rd one named.  I'm so grateful for their company this week that Leo is gone for business.

Friends forever


Sunday, January 22, 2012

21 Weeks

Week 21 updates:

Weight gain:  6-8 lbs (haven't weighted myself since mid week)

Movement: He had a few slow days this week that got me a little worried.  But right when I was getting worried he would give me a punch/kick of reassurance. 

Exercise: I actually got out 3 times this week. 1.6 miles on Monday, 1.7 on Thursday, and 2.7 on Saturday.  Usually it is 1-2 times a week but I had Monday off so I took advantage.

Pregnancy Complaints: My firstcomplaint and I'm so sad it is so early.  With Nic at about 30 weeks I stopped jogging b/c pubic bone joint was very achy.  It got worst and worst until it was a constant nagging sharp pain.  It hurt when I slept, when I walked, when I sat, etc. The joint started to feel a little achy on Thursday after my jog.  Yesterday as I was jogging it started to bother me just a little again.  Then as the day progressed the pain was still there just enough to be bothersome.  I'm going to keep jogging as long as the pain is bearable. But I know that my jogging is going to end sooner than later.

I think my picture for this week is an improvement from previous weeks and I think this is going to be the location for the rest of my shots. 

Until next week for another pregnancy update!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

20 weeks!

I can't believe I'm more than half way done!

Last week was slow photography wise b/c I was out of town for work and I didn't take my camera.  It was St. Louis and it was cold and no real photo opportunities.  Nic and Leo had a great time while I was gone and it didn't appear that they missed me too much. 

I picked up the camera today to get pics of my 20 week belly.  I feel like my belly is different this time.  I was wider with Nic than I am now.

This one is at 20 weeks 6 days with Nicolas

And this one is of Baby #2 at 20 weeks 4 days (baby boy has no name

These pictures are terrible but they are for my memory.  I vowed to take better pictures but I'm not succeeding.  LOL

Some updates:

Sex of baby: BOY!! He was not shy about showing his goods on Jan. 5th.
Weight gain:  6.2+ lbs
Movement: This little guy is a jiggler.  He is most active when I eat so breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We are talking more and more about the baby with Nicolas.  I know it is going to be a hard transition for him since he is so attached to me.  But I know we will figure it out.

We are working on getting Nic's his big boy bed set up, maybe next weekend!

Until the next update or photography post!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Dreams, Memories and Reflections 2011

I loved doing this post for 2010 so I thought this is a great way to recap 2011! Thanks Ashley for doing it this year again!!  So without further ado here are my interpretations:

Leo and I went on our yearly adult only vacation (May 2011) and this is one of my favorites of me from the trip to London. 

I Love You
This was our yearly family photo (Dec 2011).  The  3 loves of my life, Leo, Nicolas and Pebbles!
Still Laughing...
It was a hot sunny day (July 2011) and I was trying to get some pics and this is one of true happiness.  I was tickling him with my toes and he was loving it!! 

Winter Wonderland
 Florida doesn't have much of a winter so I don't have any true winter pictures but a Christmas tree reminds me of winter.

Birthday -

I have a twin brother and we celebrated the big 30 together.  It was extra special since we have not been in the same state on our birthdays for almost 7 years.

These are not just friends they are family.  Every year we get together on Christmas and have a yummy dinner and a gift exchange. We have been through a lot as a group and there is more craziness to come!

I Was Inspired...
We moved to FL late February and this was a morning a few weeks after we moved (March 2011). I love this picture and I felt inspired by the natural beauty in my backyard!!

Spring Fever -
This picture was technically taken June 2011 but I love how the open flower is OOF and the bud is opening.  

Travel or Vacation -I took 3 big vacations this year but I love this shot of the Golden Gate.  This was my 30th Birthday girls only vacation taken June 2011. It was awesome. 

Summer Days -
This was the last vacation with Leo and Nicolas.  We had a great time on the cruise, eating, sun bathing and enjoying the beach! (Sept. 2011)

A Day In My Life -
I don't take many pics anymore just for the heck of it but this night I was testing out my speedlite and got this silly picture of Nic.  (Nov 2011)

All Smiles -
On Mother's Day we went out for a nice lunch and after Nic found an awesome fountain.  How could we deny him? So we didn't he was soaked in his cute clothes with no spare clothes.  Oh well lesson learned, always have a spare outfit with a toddler. 

Autumn Harvest
Carving pumpkins (Oct 2011)

Family or Home -
This is the first picture of my siblings and my dad in a really long time.  We don't have many opportunities of all of us together so this one is extra special. (March 2011)

Celebrate! -
Noche Buena 2011 (Christmas Eve 2011).  We celebrated with my family, Leo's family, friends, girlfriends, fiances, etc.  It is always a fun night!


Let's Do It Again... -
My sister, Carolina is the best aunt.  She goes along with Nic's crazy ideas.  And this was one of them.  This was a cool December morning at the beach.  Nic decided he would strip to his undies and splash in very cold Miami waters.  They had a blast!!

I Miss You -
Raleigh oh how I miss you.  I miss the simplicity of life, I miss a home to call our own, I miss my Raleigh friends, I miss my short commute, I miss the beautiful fall, I miss...  This was a picture of our house the afternoon after the movers left.  Raleigh will always have a special place in my heart.  (Feb 2011)

Beautiful -
I love the picture from the sky as I was landing in London!  (May 2011)

Dress Up -
Since we are so close to Disney, we have now been 3 times this year.  This is the first time he "met" Mickey and Minnie.  He was in heaven! (March 2011)

Macro -
This is a terrible picture but I love it! (Sept 2012)

Holidays -
Not technically in 2011 but this was taken in the early hours of 2012. I showed my friend how to take the picture and after some trial and error we were able to come up with this!! Welcome 2012! 

My Favorite -
I can't pick one memory so I will pick vacations as my favorite things this year.  I had a great year of traveling.  (London-May 2011, Napa Valley/San Francisco-June 2011, Carribean Cruise-Sept. 2011)

Don't Ever Change -
I know this in inevitable b/c obviously he is going to change but I hope he stays the loving boy he is.  He is still the reason I pick up the camera and love capturing his life.  I want to keep documenting our family and can't wait to meet baby #2 in May 2012. (pic Sept. 2011)

Just Because...So There! -
Life in FL is more hectic, there is less "me" time, but I wanted to share this one picture b/c even though life is chaotic and exhausting I can still find beauty through my lens.  I'm so grateful for that. 

Hopes and Dreams - I don't even know where to begin.  So I will only say that I hope things settle down this year.

Ashley thanks again for hosting this!

Click below see more entries!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

pregnancy update almost 19 weeks

I have been terrible about posting about this pregnancy.  But here is a recap:

Weight gain:
12 weeks      +1.2 lbs
16 weeks      +3.0 lbs
19 weeks      +6.0 lbs (corrected 01/05)

Bump shots for 15 weeks 3 days

16 weeks 6 days

bare belly

and today's pic courtesy of my iphone in the bathroom. 18 weeks 6 days

Baby movement updates:
at about 16.5 weeks I thought I was feeling the baby but unsure.  As the weeks progressed I kept feeling something but wasn't 100% sure.  Last week while on vacation it was unmistakable and now I can officially say I've been feeling the baby at least once a day for the last week. Leo and Nic have actually felt the baby too.  The first time for Leo was about 3 days ago New Years Eve and last night again (January 2nd).  I put Nic's hand on my belly today and the baby kicked it.

Other news:
On Thursday Jan. 5th at 19 weeks 1 day we find out the sex of the baby.  I can't wait.  We are pretty decided on a girls name but if we have a boy I think it will be nameless until the end.

I'll post some vacation pics soon but for now this post is about baby #2.  We love you already and are looking forward to finding out what you are!!

I promise better pics from here on out...cross my heart.