Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reflections 2010

2010 has quickly come to an end, so let's celebrate 2011 by remembering and reflecting on days past...and dreaming of of the future through photography. (Ashley's Year end challenge)Here are my 25 entries.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?   I'm most proud of sticking to my photography hobby.  I see really see an improvement but I know I still have a ton to learn and I can't wait to keep learning and sharing my photography journey. And this picture is after my 10k race at the end of October.  What is better than a good run on a Saturday morning? A run on a Saturday morning followed by a Blue Moon!

I Love You 
The loves of my life.  Nic is the reason and I get each day and Leo is my best friend. 

Still Laughing
Leo, Nic and I went to visit my sister in Texas and we were hidding from Nic in the airport.  Instead of crying, he yelled "Help"  (he was only 15 months and had never used that word in context).  

Winter Wonderland 
Jan 30, 2010 we saw the first snow of 2010 and we decided to venture.  This is Nic about a year ago.  He was cold. 


This was at Nic's birthday and I love this picture because Nic is a mess and it shows how much my two brothers they love him.  (the picture is crap but I love the memory)

(picture taken by Rob and Patty's camera)All this picture is missing is my sister and her hubby.  She was not with us on New Years but these are my friends and they are like family.  The whole gang has been together for over 12 years.  But some of us know each other since we were kids.   We hang out every time we are in town and we have not drifted apart even with us (leo and I) being 800 miles away.  I love them all!

I Was Inspired...
I get inspired by beautiful mornings, sunsets and sunrises.  But this year with photography I was more aware of the beauty of nature.  I captured this beautiful foggy morning one fall morning.

Spring Fever
I really enjoyed taking macroish flower shots.  I can't wait for this spring. 

Travel or Vacation 
This was on our adult only vacation.  We went to St. Lucia and the scenery was beautiful.  We had a blast!

Summer Days
This is one random summer day and I love the candid picture I got of my boys. 

A Day In My Life 
A lazy Saturday morning...Nic watching cartoons, Pebbles chilling and me taking pictures.
All Smiles
No explanation needed. ;)

Autumn Harvest

This was our Christmas picture.  I love it. The only one missing is Pebbles.

A bunch of my friends had babies this year and this is just one of the many celebrations.  I love seeing the moms to be the last weeks before the babies are born because you can sense the excitement and anxiety. Love them all!
Let's Do It Again
This was our first official vacation with Nicolas.  We have traveled to a bunch of places to visit family but never just a weekend just Leo, Nic and I somewhere else other than home.  Nic was cranky as can be but he had an amazing time at the beach.  We will definitely be doing this again.

I Miss You
(picture taken w/ sis's camera).  My sister is  first then my best friend.  The reason I miss these girls is because we all live in different states and have not lived in the same state since 2004.  We have managed to stay as close as ever but I miss being part of their everyday lives and I know they feel the same.  I hope that one day in our long lifetime we will be neighbors but if not I know we will always be there for each other.

half moon
I really enjoyed capturing the moon this year.  Some nights the moon would just speak to me.  I captured a full moon but this night it was only a half moon but very bright. 

Dress Up
Not the best picture (motion blur) but this was Nic's costume this year.  It was hilarious because he was the smallest Incredible Hulk ever.  It was so much fun seeing asking Trick or Treat and thanking the people for the candy. 

I'm not sure if it is really my favorite macro shot but I love the bokeh and the colors of the fanned out butterfly.  

I have not downloaded my pictures from Christmas or New Years but I took this one the night we put up our tree.  This was the first tree we have had since 2005.  And only our 2nd one since we've been married.  We drive down to Miami for Christmas and stay through the New Year, we love being with friends and family and it is a great time to forget about work and worries and just enjoy the company.  We survived tow 12 hour drives with Nic and Pebbles!

My Favorite N@-Butterfly- This is my favorite photo of 2010.  This butterfly sat on a sunflower for a good 5 minutes.  It was begging to be photographed. 

Don't Ever Change
I know it is impossible  for Nicolas not to change but I hope he always has those piercing brown eyes.  His eyes have always been so big and expressive and I know one day he will break lots of hearts.  

Just Because...So There!
Back when I didn't know what I was doing (early 2010) I was at New Bern for a work function and was able to capture this sunrise.  It is one of my favorite sunrises ever.  

Hopes and Dreams for 2011
- My hopes and dreams for this year are simple.  A happy and healthy family.  We will be moving next month! (yikes) I hope that this move is the best for our family and careers. On the personal front I hope to keep improving my photography skills.  So I leave you with this picture of Nicolas because he is my inspiration and I want to be the best mom for him.  
I hope you have enjoyed my 2010 recap.  I know I have.  The year flew by but I will always have the memories in my heart and on my hard drive. ;)

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Have a great 2011!


  1. Hey girl - I'm so glad you joined. You had a really beautiful year and I'm glad we were able to meet up a few times. Where are you moving? Before I read that, I was going to say that there are so many NC bloggers out there that I was going to try to organize a photography meet up of some sort this spring. Anyways, I hpoe you're doing well. Nic is really growing up but he's so adorable. :) Have a great 2011.

  2. Great photos. They really are all gorgeous, but I LOVE your Winter Wonderland photo.

  3. i finally read this and as usual it's beautiful. it's so you. the pics and comments are awesome. thanks for sharing. fav pics are Winter Wonderland and My Favorite. love, ur neighbor.