Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My baby is 1!

Where has the year gone.  The first year is the most drastic, from a defenseless tiny baby to a little boy with a huge happy personality. Lucas has always been such a happy little guy.  That is until he is sleepy, hungry or if I'm not holding him/around him.

The fun things Lucas has been up to since the last post and some stats:
  • Lucas started pointing at around 11 months. 
  • Took his first steps on his birthday! and just in the last few days has been braver and walking more and more.
  • Babbles a ton but no words yet
  • Has started to imitate "bye" recently
  • weighed 17 lbs 8 oz at the year and was 28.75 inches (a peanut)
  • Loves to eat.  He prefers meat and is not a fan of raw fruit or veggies.  
  • Loves music and dances all the time.
  • We've introduced dairy into his diet and has been doing great.  No milk yet but hopefully soon.
  • We are still nursing morning and night not sure how long this will last but we are going with it.
  • Lucas and Nicolas are the sweetest together, until Nic gets in Lucas face and Lucas hits him. LOL
Here are his 11 & 12 month shots.  And some fun shots of both Nicolas & Lucas.

We are going to take our first family vacation next week! I'm so looking forward to the time off and spending time together but I think we are going to be exhausted dealing with these two active boys for 2 weeks.

So lots of pics from our vacation to come in the next weeks.

Happy Belated Birthday Lucas!

Until next time.