Monday, March 28, 2011

Disney World!

The bad things about living back in FL, the commute to and from work SUCKS.  The good is that Disney Work is 45 mins away (among other things)!!

Leo, Nic and I met our friends at Disney.  This was the first time for Nicolas.  Nicolas LOVES anything Mickey and while we thought he was a little young we figured he would still get a kick out of it.   We arrived and met with David, Lucia and Olivia.  Olivia and Nic were making silly faces while we waited on the bus.

Here is a picture of the Garcia family

Then one of us

We rode a few things and then it was Mickey and Minnie time.  We waited in line for about 45 mins.  Nicolas was so anxious to go hug them. He kept getting to the front of the line and trying to skip the other kids.  The it was his turn and walked over to them and just hugged them.  He hugged each of them like he knew them.  It was the sweetest thing in the world.

Then the day started to deteriorate with Nicolas crying and Leo making crazy faces and then we knew it was time to go.

The day was exhausting but so worth seeing Nic's face when he met Mickey and Minnie.

To many more trips as a family!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

2nd week in a row

So for the 2nd week in a row I actually went hunting for stuff to photograph.  The previous month has been so crazy that I've hardly pulled out my camera but I love doing the scavenger hunt b/c it forces me to pick up my camera.

Here are my interpretations:

Things that make you go "hmm"

I love photographing fog.  And this Saturday as we were getting ready to go to Disney I hit the jackpot.  The fog was so dense and the lake was so still.  I was giddy while I was outside taking these shots.  Makes me say "hmm" beautiful!!

Me time

Lately I've been playing soduko and it is so relaxing but at the same time frustrating.  I can do the easy and mild in less than 15 mins.  But the hard ones may take me 2 sessions. This is my new strategy b/c when I come back I can usually play better. So I look forward to playing a game or two of Soduko when Nic goes to bed. 


While in Disney I was looking for things that were decaying.  Well no such luck, Disney is too perfect. Then while waiting for the train I saw these machines their paint was chipping.  This was the closes to decay that I could find.

Group of Three

Lastly, this is a snapshot of Nicolas, Mickey and Minnie (group of three).  He was so excited to meet them.  He hugged them so long and was so excited.  The picture doesn't show his excitement but this was my favorite part of the day. 


I was looking for something to photograph in my kitchen and then I saw that my stand mixer bowl reflected my whole kitchen.  After making a makeshift tripod I was able to capture the above.  Not exactly what I was hoping but good enough.

Hopefully I'll go three weeks in a row!  See you later.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hunting...and 100th POST!!

So this is the first week in months that I've done a scavenger hunt and it is my 100th post!  And after driving 4 hours back home this is going to be quick.


On the way down to Miami, the moon was starting to appear and I loved how the light posts lead you to the moon.  I'm using this entry as camera b/c it was taken w/ my camera (a stretch, I know).  I wanted to take a cool picture of a camera but couldn't come up with something cool.

Camera phone

I tried taking a picture of the very dense fog but instead I got this.  I thought it was cool b/c it shows motion.  Not what I was going for but it was good.


This is an archive.  Nic directs me to take pictures of different things now and this was his first request.  


I was trying to get rid of this chair before we moved and tried to take a picture for craigslist but Nic would not let me b/c he wanted to be on it. I guess he didn't want to part with it.


And lastly this is a picture of my siblings and Dad. Our family is far from perfect and after a lot of years of hurt feelings we are all in a good place and really enjoy spending time together.  We had a great time this weekend and can't wait until we get together again.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leaving on a midnight train to FL

We left on a midnight train to FL.  I know it is supposed to Georgia, just play along :)

Our last day in Raleigh was Feb. 18th.  When the moving truck was packed and the house was empty that is when I lost it.  Our first house, the house where we brought Nicolas to from the hospital, our chapter in Raleigh was closing and we were embarking on our new life back in Florida.  I wanted a picture of Leo and me in front of our house so I asked the neighbor that was washing his car to please take our picture.  Unfortunately the whole family was not there (Nic was at daycare while the movers were loading).

I think even Pebbles knew that our lives were going to change.

We signed our lease and moved in Feb. 23.  Our new little house is great.  It is a little smaller than our house in Raleigh but it is just fine. 

Nicolas loves the house.  He loves it so much that he never wants to leave it.  It took him about 1.5 weeks to get adjusted to daycare. He loves the patio and you will find him sliding and playing w/ rocks on weekend mornings.

We are still adjusting.  The commute royally sucks but as the days pass they become more bearable. I was lucky to go from the field yesterday so I didn't have to wake up before sunrise and I was able to capture the sunrise.  This is the view from our backyard.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goodbye Raleigh Part 2-Friends

We made so many wonderful friends during the 6.5 years we were in NC.  I'm a relationship person and love to have true friends.  I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I do have are real friends.

Candice was/is my best friend from NC for 4 years.  We had many ups and a few downs. And I know we will always be friends.  She wrote a beautiful blog post about our friendship, it made me cry.

My co-workers were more like family than just colleagues. My family could not make it for my graduation but my friends from work were there to support me.  Love them.

Then there are the boys and Ashley.  The boys were always there to party but they also had their soft sides.  They were so good with Nicolas and I saw them differently once Nic was born.

While in Raleigh I got my master's and I made a really great friend Megan.  She and I met the first day of orientation and then became instant friends.  We would study together, celebrate the end of the semester together and commiserated together after a horrible class.

Lastly, once Nicolas was born I became really involved with 2 local mommy group.  The girls were awesome and we had some great mom only events and baby events.  We saw our little ones grow from little babies to toddlers.  

This was the NC Bump group 2009 Christmas GTG.

And my Mom's In Motion friends. (back in April 2009)

So this blog post is to show my appreciation and love for all the friends we made in Raleigh.  I know we will still be friends even though we are far.

Love you guys!