Sunday, March 27, 2011

2nd week in a row

So for the 2nd week in a row I actually went hunting for stuff to photograph.  The previous month has been so crazy that I've hardly pulled out my camera but I love doing the scavenger hunt b/c it forces me to pick up my camera.

Here are my interpretations:

Things that make you go "hmm"

I love photographing fog.  And this Saturday as we were getting ready to go to Disney I hit the jackpot.  The fog was so dense and the lake was so still.  I was giddy while I was outside taking these shots.  Makes me say "hmm" beautiful!!

Me time

Lately I've been playing soduko and it is so relaxing but at the same time frustrating.  I can do the easy and mild in less than 15 mins.  But the hard ones may take me 2 sessions. This is my new strategy b/c when I come back I can usually play better. So I look forward to playing a game or two of Soduko when Nic goes to bed. 


While in Disney I was looking for things that were decaying.  Well no such luck, Disney is too perfect. Then while waiting for the train I saw these machines their paint was chipping.  This was the closes to decay that I could find.

Group of Three

Lastly, this is a snapshot of Nicolas, Mickey and Minnie (group of three).  He was so excited to meet them.  He hugged them so long and was so excited.  The picture doesn't show his excitement but this was my favorite part of the day. 


I was looking for something to photograph in my kitchen and then I saw that my stand mixer bowl reflected my whole kitchen.  After making a makeshift tripod I was able to capture the above.  Not exactly what I was hoping but good enough.

Hopefully I'll go three weeks in a row!  See you later.

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  1. I can't get over that first shot - it is absolutely incredible!

  2. I agree with Ashley, the first shot is amazing!

  3. I adore your fog picture, just beautiful!

  4. I agree. The first shot is absolutely beautiful! I like the reflection shot, too. I'm always looking for reflections to capture. Have a wonderful night!

  5. Your kitchen shot is so cool!

  6. I'm with everybody else, the fog shot is AMAZING! You really did hit the jackpot. Very nice!

  7. ALL such great interpretations...hmmm shot is STUNNING...what a capture!

  8. Fabulous fog shot and your creative interpretation for kitchen.

  9. Love these...especially your kitchen reflection and the first photo of things that make you say, hmmm. I enjoyed my visit, thanks!