Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leaving on a midnight train to FL

We left on a midnight train to FL.  I know it is supposed to Georgia, just play along :)

Our last day in Raleigh was Feb. 18th.  When the moving truck was packed and the house was empty that is when I lost it.  Our first house, the house where we brought Nicolas to from the hospital, our chapter in Raleigh was closing and we were embarking on our new life back in Florida.  I wanted a picture of Leo and me in front of our house so I asked the neighbor that was washing his car to please take our picture.  Unfortunately the whole family was not there (Nic was at daycare while the movers were loading).

I think even Pebbles knew that our lives were going to change.

We signed our lease and moved in Feb. 23.  Our new little house is great.  It is a little smaller than our house in Raleigh but it is just fine. 

Nicolas loves the house.  He loves it so much that he never wants to leave it.  It took him about 1.5 weeks to get adjusted to daycare. He loves the patio and you will find him sliding and playing w/ rocks on weekend mornings.

We are still adjusting.  The commute royally sucks but as the days pass they become more bearable. I was lucky to go from the field yesterday so I didn't have to wake up before sunrise and I was able to capture the sunrise.  This is the view from our backyard.

Have a great week!

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  1. You're going to love it - I assume closer to family?