Monday, March 28, 2011

Disney World!

The bad things about living back in FL, the commute to and from work SUCKS.  The good is that Disney Work is 45 mins away (among other things)!!

Leo, Nic and I met our friends at Disney.  This was the first time for Nicolas.  Nicolas LOVES anything Mickey and while we thought he was a little young we figured he would still get a kick out of it.   We arrived and met with David, Lucia and Olivia.  Olivia and Nic were making silly faces while we waited on the bus.

Here is a picture of the Garcia family

Then one of us

We rode a few things and then it was Mickey and Minnie time.  We waited in line for about 45 mins.  Nicolas was so anxious to go hug them. He kept getting to the front of the line and trying to skip the other kids.  The it was his turn and walked over to them and just hugged them.  He hugged each of them like he knew them.  It was the sweetest thing in the world.

Then the day started to deteriorate with Nicolas crying and Leo making crazy faces and then we knew it was time to go.

The day was exhausting but so worth seeing Nic's face when he met Mickey and Minnie.

To many more trips as a family!



  1. how funny, my family just talked about taking a trip to disney world tonight over dinner;0 we can't wait to go there! Look slike so much fun!!! love the pictures!

  2. i cannot WAIT to take my kids back to disney world...and these pics are not helping my patience out any ;) i hear ya on the commute issues....we live in a very touristy part of florida and this time of the year is NOT my favorite for getting where i wanna go!

  3. Looks like a fun day. I love the goofy face that Nic made. Thanks for sharing a smile!

  4. I LOVE these! We went on Monday (the 21st I believe it was). SO much fun! The weather was amazing! :-) I didn't know you were so close to Disney. How wonderful!