Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goodbye Raleigh Part 2-Friends

We made so many wonderful friends during the 6.5 years we were in NC.  I'm a relationship person and love to have true friends.  I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I do have are real friends.

Candice was/is my best friend from NC for 4 years.  We had many ups and a few downs. And I know we will always be friends.  She wrote a beautiful blog post about our friendship, it made me cry.

My co-workers were more like family than just colleagues. My family could not make it for my graduation but my friends from work were there to support me.  Love them.

Then there are the boys and Ashley.  The boys were always there to party but they also had their soft sides.  They were so good with Nicolas and I saw them differently once Nic was born.

While in Raleigh I got my master's and I made a really great friend Megan.  She and I met the first day of orientation and then became instant friends.  We would study together, celebrate the end of the semester together and commiserated together after a horrible class.

Lastly, once Nicolas was born I became really involved with 2 local mommy group.  The girls were awesome and we had some great mom only events and baby events.  We saw our little ones grow from little babies to toddlers.  

This was the NC Bump group 2009 Christmas GTG.

And my Mom's In Motion friends. (back in April 2009)

So this blog post is to show my appreciation and love for all the friends we made in Raleigh.  I know we will still be friends even though we are far.

Love you guys!

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