Monday, April 4, 2011

3rd week and counting

I only picked up my camera a few times but when I did I tried to complete the scavenger hunt. Here are my interpretations.

Bedroom (archive but not shared yet)

I took this picture the week before we moved from Raleigh.  I love his nursery and so does he.

Off in the Distance

We have wildlife in our backyard and one day this week, there was this really big bird (thanks Google-a gray heron). He kept walking away but it stood still enough for me to take it's picture. I used my 55-250mm lens, I really like this lens for these things. 


These are Nic's rubber duckies. The "tiny" is called baby ducky and the big one is mama duck (aren't we creative).


I wanted to find stripes in "nature" and then I remembered my cool cactus plant.  I'm not sure what it is called but it is the easiest plant ever.  I repotted it when we moved and it has grown and it is really healthy.

High Key

My computer that has PSE is out of commission and I didn't have time to really shoot a high key style photo so instead I took a picture of high "keys".  I hung them from my garage door and took a picture from below. LOL

I hope you have enjoyed my interpretations.

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  1. How creative with high key but I love your bedroom shot. How sweet.

  2. LOVE your bedroom shot!! duckies are soo cute too;0

  3. I love the plant photo!

    The "high key"was hilarious! Very creative!!

  4. haha your high key is awesome. I really like the stripes picture!

  5. Love your high key, stripes and bedroom shots!

  6. What a fantastic set! Love tiny and stripes :D