Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 on Tuesday

Because Karli inspired me...here are my 10 random thoughts on this Tuesday.

1) Saturday Leo, Nic and I went to the beach! It was so nice to be a short (relatively, 1 hour) drive away. Nic had a blast and we were in our element!  To many more beach trips.

2) My mom and dad came up for the weekend (mind you they are divorced) together. LOL.  My dad the photographer failed to get a picture of the family (Leo, Nic and I) on Easter..oh well.

3) May is going to be CRAZY!! This weekend we are driving to Miami for a birthday party, next week a business trip for me for a couple of days, Mother's Day weekend the following, friends coming up to visit the next, Leo leaves for a business trip the following week, I have a training all that same week, then I will meet him in London for a vacation, and then the month is over!! I'm tired just thinking about it. But yeah for going back to Europe!! Here is one taken in London the last time we went.

4) some sky shots I took last week but haven't shared.

5) Nic is so much fun I'm really enjoying him right now.  He talks and sings all day and has such a vivid imagination.  I LOVE HIM!!

6)I feel pretty adjusted to our new life in FL.  The commute still blows but I get home most days a little after 5pm so not so bad.

7) Remember last week I blogged about getting Nic's photo books up to date, well I finished and they arrived yesterday! I love them.  They turned out really good and I'm glad to have it off my mind.

8)I volunteered to take the office pictures for our intranet tomorrow.  Wish me luck, some are really hard to please.

9)My trip to Napa Valley/San Francisco is booked!! This is a girls only trip w/ my BFF, Tiana and my sister Caro late June.  My BFF and I are turning 30 and wanted to make it special.  My sis is coming along b/c we are the 3 Amigas and I couldn't imagine a trip like this without her!

10) and that is all I got! have a great Tuesday and rest of the week...



  1. Looks like things are going well. Nic looks so cute!

  2. Absolutely love the moon shots. I've got to learn how to do that. Thanks for introducing me to Karli's blog. Thats a great one too!
    Love ya!

  3. Love your pictures and your thoughts! Yes, to more beach trips :)

  4. I loooove your 10 on Tuesday! I love little snippets into people's lives. I mean, not like in a stalkerish type of way, but you know. AWESOME pics! You and your moon shots...always making my jaw drop. I'm going to pop over and read your post about the scrapbooks you made. They look ADORABLE!