Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Dreams, Memories and Reflections 2011

I loved doing this post for 2010 so I thought this is a great way to recap 2011! Thanks Ashley for doing it this year again!!  So without further ado here are my interpretations:

Leo and I went on our yearly adult only vacation (May 2011) and this is one of my favorites of me from the trip to London. 

I Love You
This was our yearly family photo (Dec 2011).  The  3 loves of my life, Leo, Nicolas and Pebbles!
Still Laughing...
It was a hot sunny day (July 2011) and I was trying to get some pics and this is one of true happiness.  I was tickling him with my toes and he was loving it!! 

Winter Wonderland
 Florida doesn't have much of a winter so I don't have any true winter pictures but a Christmas tree reminds me of winter.

Birthday -

I have a twin brother and we celebrated the big 30 together.  It was extra special since we have not been in the same state on our birthdays for almost 7 years.

These are not just friends they are family.  Every year we get together on Christmas and have a yummy dinner and a gift exchange. We have been through a lot as a group and there is more craziness to come!

I Was Inspired...
We moved to FL late February and this was a morning a few weeks after we moved (March 2011). I love this picture and I felt inspired by the natural beauty in my backyard!!

Spring Fever -
This picture was technically taken June 2011 but I love how the open flower is OOF and the bud is opening.  

Travel or Vacation -I took 3 big vacations this year but I love this shot of the Golden Gate.  This was my 30th Birthday girls only vacation taken June 2011. It was awesome. 

Summer Days -
This was the last vacation with Leo and Nicolas.  We had a great time on the cruise, eating, sun bathing and enjoying the beach! (Sept. 2011)

A Day In My Life -
I don't take many pics anymore just for the heck of it but this night I was testing out my speedlite and got this silly picture of Nic.  (Nov 2011)

All Smiles -
On Mother's Day we went out for a nice lunch and after Nic found an awesome fountain.  How could we deny him? So we didn't he was soaked in his cute clothes with no spare clothes.  Oh well lesson learned, always have a spare outfit with a toddler. 

Autumn Harvest
Carving pumpkins (Oct 2011)

Family or Home -
This is the first picture of my siblings and my dad in a really long time.  We don't have many opportunities of all of us together so this one is extra special. (March 2011)

Celebrate! -
Noche Buena 2011 (Christmas Eve 2011).  We celebrated with my family, Leo's family, friends, girlfriends, fiances, etc.  It is always a fun night!


Let's Do It Again... -
My sister, Carolina is the best aunt.  She goes along with Nic's crazy ideas.  And this was one of them.  This was a cool December morning at the beach.  Nic decided he would strip to his undies and splash in very cold Miami waters.  They had a blast!!

I Miss You -
Raleigh oh how I miss you.  I miss the simplicity of life, I miss a home to call our own, I miss my Raleigh friends, I miss my short commute, I miss the beautiful fall, I miss...  This was a picture of our house the afternoon after the movers left.  Raleigh will always have a special place in my heart.  (Feb 2011)

Beautiful -
I love the picture from the sky as I was landing in London!  (May 2011)

Dress Up -
Since we are so close to Disney, we have now been 3 times this year.  This is the first time he "met" Mickey and Minnie.  He was in heaven! (March 2011)

Macro -
This is a terrible picture but I love it! (Sept 2012)

Holidays -
Not technically in 2011 but this was taken in the early hours of 2012. I showed my friend how to take the picture and after some trial and error we were able to come up with this!! Welcome 2012! 

My Favorite -
I can't pick one memory so I will pick vacations as my favorite things this year.  I had a great year of traveling.  (London-May 2011, Napa Valley/San Francisco-June 2011, Carribean Cruise-Sept. 2011)

Don't Ever Change -
I know this in inevitable b/c obviously he is going to change but I hope he stays the loving boy he is.  He is still the reason I pick up the camera and love capturing his life.  I want to keep documenting our family and can't wait to meet baby #2 in May 2012. (pic Sept. 2011)

Just Because...So There! -
Life in FL is more hectic, there is less "me" time, but I wanted to share this one picture b/c even though life is chaotic and exhausting I can still find beauty through my lens.  I'm so grateful for that. 

Hopes and Dreams - I don't even know where to begin.  So I will only say that I hope things settle down this year.

Ashley thanks again for hosting this!

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  1. What a beautiful year girl - I am in love with your inspired shot. I do hate that you moved to Florida since we can't hang out anymore but it looks like you're so happy. Have a great 2012!

  2. What a great year. I love the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  3. Love your Spring fever shot. Great memories, fun!

  4. that is your backyard.... how beautiful! Love your don't ever change picture of your son - how beautiful! :)