Saturday, January 28, 2012

22 weeks, about 18 weeks to meet baby boy #2!

Weeks: 22.5 weeks
Weight gain: 8.4-weighed in Wed. (with Nic I was 11.5 at 22.5 weeks)
Name Search: This little boy will be nameless, LOL.  We can not commit to a name.  We like 3 names but we are not committed and are hoping a name just hit us and we'll know.  For now we call him baby, how original.
Movement: another couple of slow days this week but the movements are getting stronger more on schedule.  
Exercise: I walked one day this week and hopefully I'll get my 2nd walk/jog tomorrow. (update: no weekend jog, oh well.)
Pregnancy Complaints: my pelvic pain from last week is not very noticeable this week since I took it easy.  Woohoo! So no complaints this week.
Other news: I bought some more maternity clothes this week b/c I felt that I missing a few basic pieces.  I scored 6 for a little more than 60 bucks, free shipping and I already got the order!!

Leo has been gone for the entire week with one more week to go.  Nic and I are surviving.  Nic has kept me company and beside his sleep strike he has been great!

Until next week!

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  1. Where did you order the maternity clothes from????