Sunday, January 22, 2012

21 Weeks

Week 21 updates:

Weight gain:  6-8 lbs (haven't weighted myself since mid week)

Movement: He had a few slow days this week that got me a little worried.  But right when I was getting worried he would give me a punch/kick of reassurance. 

Exercise: I actually got out 3 times this week. 1.6 miles on Monday, 1.7 on Thursday, and 2.7 on Saturday.  Usually it is 1-2 times a week but I had Monday off so I took advantage.

Pregnancy Complaints: My firstcomplaint and I'm so sad it is so early.  With Nic at about 30 weeks I stopped jogging b/c pubic bone joint was very achy.  It got worst and worst until it was a constant nagging sharp pain.  It hurt when I slept, when I walked, when I sat, etc. The joint started to feel a little achy on Thursday after my jog.  Yesterday as I was jogging it started to bother me just a little again.  Then as the day progressed the pain was still there just enough to be bothersome.  I'm going to keep jogging as long as the pain is bearable. But I know that my jogging is going to end sooner than later.

I think my picture for this week is an improvement from previous weeks and I think this is going to be the location for the rest of my shots. 

Until next week for another pregnancy update!


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  1. Very cute picture! I agree- thats a good spot to take weekly shots. How did you do the picture? it's cool