Tuesday, May 8, 2012

35 & 36 week update!

I missed a week and I'm late for the 36 week update, oops.  It has been crazy busy lately with work and house stuff.  Here is the recap for the last week.

Weeks: 36 weeks 4 days
Weight gain: 22-24 lbs I gained some weight in two weeks.  I'm still a little under what I was with Nic but I think I'll be between 27-30 lbs by the end. 
Name progress: Baby Adrian but Nicolas still does not acknowledge the baby by Adrian but by Baby Simba Nemo Patrick (Patrick from Spongebob).  Nicolas is too funny.
Exercise: I'm averaging a long walk (2-3 miles) once a week. But again I was achy for 2 days...boo. 
Pregnancy Complaints: Same complaints, a little bit of braxton hicks, leg cramps thanks to wearing heals one afternoon, achy pelvic bone especially after a long walk and while turning in bed.  I've been really tired lately too but I'm still going a mile a minute at work and at home so it explains the exhaustion.  But aside from the normal stuff I'm feeling pretty good! I'm so grateful for an easy pregnancy b/c I don't think I could have handled the long commute, my stressful job and the house if it wasn't. 
Other news:  I think Nicolas starting to sense something is going to change pretty soon. He stalls at bedtime and just wants to talk.  It worries me to think about splitting my time with a needy newborn and a needy toddler.  Nicolas is such a loving mama's boy that I think the adjustment is going to be hard for him.  I hope I can give them the time and attention they both will need and that we are patient with Nic as he transitions from an only child to a big brother.  Only time will tell.

So without further ado here are pics from 35 and 36 weeks.

Bare Belly at 35.5 weeks (the belly is taking over!)

I look a little messy but this was after my 2 mile walk and I knew if I didn't get the pic then I would have to miss a weekly picture.

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