Sunday, March 4, 2012

27 weeks-3rd Trimester

Weeks: 27 weeks 4 days
Weight gain: 15.4-16+ lbs (it varies)
Name progress: None
Exercise: I walked 2 times with week.  Not bad but not good.  
Pregnancy Complaints: My biggest complaint this week are leg cramps. The worst part is that I get  cramps in weird muscles on my calves and then I can't figure out how to stretch it out. I'm trying to up my water intake and eat a banana a day. 
Other news: Nic and I survived another week without Leo.  It was a pretty crappy week because Nic had a bad cold all week.  I finally was able to get off from work on Thursday and made it to 3 appt's with him.  We enjoyed the day together.  On my 27 week appointment the doctor was happy with the progress and I'll be seeing him every 2 weeks from now on! About 3 months to go.  I need the time to slow down because we have so much to do.

Today's pic is from Disney.  Leo couldn't get my picture outside our house this weekend but I figured this was as good. :)

Have a great week!!


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  1. I had a cramp in my leg yesterday like I had worked out or something (which we know I did not do). So I guess this is common huh? Love the picture at Disney!