Sunday, March 11, 2012

28 weeks!

Weeks: 28 weeks 4 days
Weight gain: 15.6-17+ lbs (it varies)
Name progress: None  :-(
Exercise: I walked 1 time.  I tried through out the week but it has been so busy with work and house stuff. 
Pregnancy Complaints: Less leg cramps this week woohoo.  I have this annoying rib pain on my left side.  It started about 6 weeks ago but I don't think it is the baby.  I think it is an organ or muscle being pushed into my rib.  It sucks and it makes me sit with extremely good posture.  My aunts would be proud. LOL
Other news: We have progress on getting stuff ready for our new arrival.  We organized the garage, moved around and removed furniture from the guest bedroom, moved the crib into the nursery/guest bedroom, moved our desk from the guest bedroom to a little nook in the kitchen, took stuff to the landfill and goodwill, and put stuff away in the attic.  I'm a little tired but it felt good to get stuff done.

I also visited 2 daycares this week. They were just "ok" and the worst part is that they aren't even convenient.  Lakeland has very few options for infants so we are very limited.  I'm sad but there is nothing we can do.  So for now our names are on the waiting list and we'll see how it works out. 

And lastly, Leo and I are going on a babymoon this week! We leave on Thursday for a short cruise.  I can't wait for some adult time and some time off work.  The last 3 months have been so stressful that it is perfect timing.

And now some pictures.  They are not the best but they are funny and will be a good memory in the future.

It was raining and Leo got a little mad b/c we were both getting wet. 

We got back from dinner and I wanted to try to get a better pic but instead I look like Alfalfa.  LOL

I tried fixing my hair but now I look Bozo.  LOL

and here is one of me like Bozo and my big bare belly. Oh well, the memory is what counts.

Until next week!!  Belly pic will be from the cruise!


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  1. Cruise?? Going back to the scene of the crime huh?? haha. Hope you have a wonderful time. You definitely deserve it!