Tuesday, November 4, 2008

24 weeks & 4 days!

A quick update this week. First, I'm feeling great! The baby has been moving more and more everyday. The baby moves a bunch in the middle of day and mostly after I eat. I haven't gained any more weight since the dr's appt. I'm at 11 pounds total. I was feeling like I was overeating lately but I guess not.

The nursery is coming along great. We finished painting last weekend. The stripes came out awesome and the color of the room is perfect. We are hoping to put in the chair rail in 2 weeks.

We also bought a running stroller from one of Leo's friends. It was in perfect condition and for a great price.

Those are all the updates I have for now. There a new pics of the nursery painting progress and my belly for this week. click below to see more pics.


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  1. Hey Nati! Wow, sweetie, you look awesome and very happy!! I can't help but feel soo proud of you and this blog you're keeping will be such a fantastic memory for Nicolas. You are going to be a great Mom with Leo by your side. Just know that I will be there for you if you ever need guidance, help or just someone to talk to. Congratulations Nat!!! I love you! Your 'Cuzn in California...Sandy :}