Wednesday, October 22, 2008

22 weeks and 1/2...

Last time I failed to report how I was feeling, so this time I'll elaborate. I've been feeling great! My appetite is growing and as you all know I eat all the time. Yesterday was my doctor's appt and in 4 weeks I gained 5.5 lbs. I was worried about not gaining enough weight but I'm not worried anymore. The baby and I are growing steadily and the pictures will prove it. This weekend I'm going to run a 5k, I'll be running really slow and walking for some parts.

As we speak, the baby is kicking!! I finally felt the baby kick last week. I was sitting at work and I felt something weird in my stomach, I put my hand on my belly and then after a few seconds I felt a big thump. It was AMAZING! I had been waiting fluttering but instead I got a kick. That same night Leo was able to feel the baby too. Nicolas seems to be most active in the morning and early afternoon, especially after I eat.

Nursery update! Leo and I decided that instead of bead board, we would put a chair rail and paint white stripes on the bottom half and blue on the top half. We are going to buy the paint tonight and paint the blue half and the base coat for the bottom half on Saturday. Leo's guy friends are going to paint on Saturday and I will finish the stripes some time next week. We are going to buy low VOC paint so that I can paint and the baby won't be harmed. We also received the crib!! We won't be assembling it until early December because we'll have a bunch of guest in November.

Lastly, I'll mention school. I've been working hard on my research project but my advisor sucks!! I sent him my 1st draft and haven't heard anything from him. My actual class is going well. I can't wait for school to be over. I should count down the number of days left.

There are more pics of my belly and a pic of the crib at the link below.

Stay blog in 2 weeks.

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