Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seven weeks down...

Hey all,
Just wanted to share how our first 7 weeks with Nicolas has been. The first two weeks were pretty rough. I didn't know what we got ourselves into but the time flew and now Nicolas is 7 weeks and we are doing great!

All the visitors came and went and now it is going to be just me and him for the next 5 weeks. Thanks to all our friends and family that have come to visit us during these 7 weeks. My mom's visit was so helpful during the first two weeks. She helped with the baby and the house. I am truly grateful for the time she spent with us. Carolina came for first weekend and I know she is going to be a great aunt and Godmother! My dad and Carlos came this last week and it was so nice to actually spend time with them. The baby really liked Carlos he would always laugh and coo at him.

Here are some highlights. Nicolas has peed on everyone, including the dog. One day after his bath we were sunbathing and the dog was smelling Nicolas legs. Then Nicolas peed on Pebbles face. Pebbles did not know what hit her and kept rubbing her face with her paw. It was hilarious.

Leo was sick when the baby was about 2.5 weeks and that sucked. This last week he had the flu but he is better now. Aside from being sick he is doing so good with Nicolas. On weekends we alternate who sleeps in and he helps out the nights when Nicolas is having a rough night.

We have been homebodies for the last 7 weeks. It is sort of hard going from carefree to being completely consumed by this new life but we are adjusting. Because Nicolas is such a good baby we have been able to go out to dinner.

Yesterday he had a really rough day where all he did was eat, poop, cry and take 10 minute naps. We figured out that all he wanted to do was sleep. Once he finally fell asleep he only woke up to feed and today he is having a better day.

I'm going to take advantage of the next 5 weeks and cherish the moments I have with him. I've started to think of how hard it is going to be leaving him at daycare. But don't want to think about it too much so I won't get sad.

He has his two month appointment on April 23. He is getting really big, we are estimating his weight to be close to 10 lbs!

Here is a link to all my albums of Nicolas.

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