Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Photo Card Revealed

I have been an official amateur photographer for a year now and I have no prints to show for it! The horror! So this year I told myself that I was going to make a photo Christmas card early and incorporate some of my pictures. I wanted to share my new skills and my family. I wish Pebbles would have been in the family portrait but she did not fit in the car. Oh well.

So I went on Shutterfly and found a cute template and here it is!

Sweet Tree Christmas
Make a statement with Shutterfly Christmas photo cards.
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I enlisted my father in law to take our picture after I set up the shot and it turned out great. We are all smiling and I love the fall landscape behind us.

Here is a larger version of the picture.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! and I would love to see your Christmas photo card. So make sure to leave me a comment and I will gladly stop by and check it out!

Let the holiday season begin!


  1. Oh you're right...this is PERFECT! Your family shot is beautiful. Can you believe I don't have ONE usable shot of the 5 of us - ugh! I can't even get my 2 boys to look good at the same time. Next year maybe!

    LOVE the card! :-)

  2. Love this - what a great family shot!