Thursday, November 4, 2010

I dedicate this post to...

I dedicate this post to Nicolas. Why? Because I've been in a photo and blogging rut and he is my inspiration.


Nicolas is 20 months old! I can not believe how fast his 2nd year is flying by. Not the greatest picture but it really shows how big he is getting. He is such an independent and adventure seeking little guy. He doesn't like the baby swing anymore, he is a big boy!

When I look back at how far we have come it takes my breath away. The first 3 months were hard, no sugar coating it. Nicolas was a pretty good baby but I was overwhelmed. I was anxious, sleep deprived, exhausted, nervous, etc. It slowly got better but I didn't feel like myself until Nic was 9 months. I'm not sure what it was exactly; Nic was sleeping better, not stressing about nursing as much, picking up a new hobby (photography), jogging again, or a more consistent routine. And although the first 9 months were hard, they are gone and all that is left are memories and pictures. And I'm thankful for that.

And speaking of pictures. Here is a collage of his first year

and his second year up to this point.

(the lighting and editing is all different, sorry. But this post is more to share a glimpse of mommyhood and less of a display of improving photography skills)

I have pictures to unload from my camera and challenges to enter so hopefully this weekend will be a productive photography and blogging one.

For those reading, thanks for letting me ramble and be all over the place.

Have a great Thursday and if I don't blog again a great weekend.

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  1. He is such a cutie and it just makes me realize how quickly my own little gal will be that age. It sure goes quick huh. Happy 20 months little guy! Adorable pictures

  2. What a great post - look how much he's grown!

  3. He looks like such a big boy! And so cute.
    They sure grow up so fast... *tear*

  4. He is getting SO big. I love the storyboards. and the photon form 8.10 (i think) is awesome!

  5. thank you for following! I am now following back!! (paveiphotos)

  6. Hi Nat! Great to hear from you today! :-) LOVE the shots of your little guy in the chair, growing up. So cool! I never remembered to do that with ANY of my kids - but I love the idea. :-) I can't remember if we already mentioned this, but I guess I forgot our little ones are almost exactly the same age. Livia will be 20 months at the end of Nov. I love this age!

  7. What a precious little guy! I just love that first photo! Too cute. ^_^