Tuesday, September 23, 2008

18 Weeks and 4 days!

It's a…..BOY!

But let me start by updating everyone since the last blog. I am now 18 weeks and 4 days, with a small belly. On Monday of last week, I finally decided that I needed to go shopping for bigger pants and other necessities. My pants were not buttoning anymore and my bras were too small. I went shopping for a few things on Tuesday and bought a pair of maternity jeans, a dress, and bras. On Friday I did some more shopping and now I have a total of 4 maternity pants. I thought of buying a few pants that were a bigger size but I knew I would need the pants in the near future. I've gained a total of 6 pounds and I am uploading some belly pics along with the ultrasound pics of today. I've not felt pregnant for a while now, just normal. I've been able to jog/walk about 3 times a week. The weather in NC has been wonderful for the last 2 weeks so it feels great to be out and doing stuff outdoors.

Now to the real news…the mid pregnancy ultrasound. I've been patiently waiting for the ultrasound for 4 weeks and I was starting to feel nervous and anxious yesterday. I've been praying for the baby to be developing normally and that everything would be ok. Last night I went to bed but could not sleep. I tried to not think too much about the ultrasound but it was in the back of my mind. In the morning I ate a little breakfast and drank so OJ b/c I heard that OJ makes the baby active. We got to the Dr's office and they lubed up my stomach. The first thing we saw was the baby's spine. For some reason that eased my mind and I knew that the baby was going to be just fine. The ultrasound lady measured a bunch of stuff and then told me that the baby was lying sideways on my belly and that my placenta is in front of the baby. At nights I try to feel the baby move but I haven't felt anything. She said that the placenta's position is to blame that is why I haven't felt the baby move yet. After getting the baby to shift they were able to get a wee-wee shot. The first wee-wee shot was sketchy and Leo and I were skeptical, then she was able to get a bunch of pics and we were convinced that it was truly a boy. After about 20 minutes of being with the ultrasound tech, we went to see the doctor. The doctor was the most personable yet and she just assured us that everything looked good.

Here is the link and attached is a short video of the ultrasound.


That is all for now....more news in 2 weeks.

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