Sunday, January 18, 2009

35 weeks (8 months, 1 more month to go)

I'm currently 35 weeks and 2 days. Just 5 more weeks to the due date and getting closer to meeting Nicolas. It was a little hard to concentrate on work since we got back but I think I'm back to normal. Not many pregnancy complaints, but I do feel a little more achy and I'm slightly more fatigued on some days. Most days I feel good but there are days that I am tired and have no energy to do anything. The weather here is not helping either, it has been cold and dreary for the majority of our time back.

Last weekend my girlfriends from work threw me a beautiful baby shower. The pictures are below. They truly went all out and I got a bunch great gifts.

Tomorrow I have the day off and I have my bi-weekly appointment. The nursery is basically done. All we need is to buy the mattress and get all the clothes and sheets washed. Yesterday, Leo and I went to our 2nd childbirth class. The classes have been really good. I'm hoping I can take what they have told me and really use all the pointers while I'm in labor. It is crazy how fast the time is moving now. Early on I felt that time was dragging now it is just flying by. I'm just praying that Nicolas is healthy and that we are ready to become parents.

Today was somewhat eventful. Leo and I tried to install the track lighting he got me for Christmas. All I will say was that it looks better than before but it was a pain in the butt to install. I think we may need to get a professional to come out to install it better.

Here are the most current belly pictures.
From Baby Pics
From Baby Pics

We'll keep you posted.


  1. Wow, NAT! You're getting big!! But you look sooo good. Isn't just amazing and you're getting close. I wish I could be closer to you to see you go through this.
    Nicolas we're waiting for you!
    Love ya,

  2. I know that baby will be healthy and that you guys will be great parents. You have great discipline in healthy living, which is great for the baby now and you guys are very loving and smart. Nicholas is setup for a great life. I'm so excited for you guys. You're going to love being a parent. Love ya,