Sunday, January 4, 2009

33 weeks and Holiday's In Miami

This is going to be a short blog because we just made it back home after driving up from Miami. We drove down to Miami on Dec 22 and arrived on Dec 23. Spending time with my family and friends was great! On the 27th I had my baby shower. It was great, the decorations were so cute and I got a bunch of gifts. I got a bunch of money so now I can go shopping for the essentials things we are missing for the baby.

Leo and I decided to take some maternity pictures and they came out great! It was a beautiful day and my dad did a great job. The link is below to some pictures.

New Year's was so much fun and it made me reflect on the great things that happened in 2008 and the excitement to come in 2009.

I have my 33 week appointment tomorrow and I don't want to know how much weight I've gained since the last appointment. It was so nice to get croquetas and pastelitos on every street corner. The baby has been moving more consistently and I've been thinking a lot of all the things we still have to do. It feels nice to be home after almost 2 weeks. I have uploaded some pics of the nursery. We bought some really cool lamps and finished building the dresser/changer.

Here are some links to pictures of the last two weeks.

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