Friday, September 10, 2010

St. Lucia Vacation Part 2

Our vacation continued and we ate, played in the sun, took an excursion around the island, hiked, snorkeled and ate some more.

On the tour of the island we went snorkeling, went to an active volcano, bathed in these muddy waters, had an authentic St. Lucian lunch, bathed in a mineral spring and headed back to the resort. It was full day and it was awesome.

We were taken snorkeling in this boat. The sun was blazing and the water was blue!

These are the Piton Mountains. I shared a picture of Leo and me with this backdrop here for a scavenger hunt. But here you can really appreciate the view.

The water was stinky, hot and black. The water was mixed with stuff from the volcano (I wasn't paying attention). We bathed in the water and I swear I felt like I was going to boil.

We took a short break to get a cute picture of us.

This is right by the souvenir shops on the side of the active volcano. Seems a little dangerous but no one was worried.

The next day we took a short hike up a little mountain. I had a great time but these things are not Leo's cup of tea.

But it was AJ's cup of tea. He was climbing on everything. He was in his element. The higher he could go the better.

There are very few pics just of me and while this is not the greatest, it will do.

And did I mention that Leo doesn't like to hike, well his face says it all. But he was a good sport and did not complain once.

And lastly another one of my BFF and her hubby.

This was last full day in St. Lucia. We had a great vacation but couldn't wait to get home to see Nicolas. We decided the next beach vacation will be with Nic. He would have a blast at the beach.

To see more pics from my vacation click here. I hope you have enjoyed them.



  1. These photos make me want to quit my job and go to St. Lucia. Beautiful.

  2. these are some great pictures. i want to go too.