Friday, August 24, 2012

12 week recap

So after 12 weeks here is the low down:
  • Lucas got sick this week and had an ear infection. Poor baby but it hasn't affected him much he is a happy baby.
  • I've been back to work for 7 weeks and so far so good.  I'm learning my new job and really enjoying the challenge.
  • Nicolas has moved to Pre-K 3 and so far is really enjoying his new class and teachers.
  • We have finalized the contract on our new house and should be closing sometime in Nov!
  • My anniversary is coming up in just a few days! 8 years!
I feel stressed, exhausted, sleep deprived, and HAPPY.  I pictured life with 2 kids before Lucas was born and I was scared.  But it has not been as hard as I imagined it.  Nicolas and Lucas make everyday worth it. I look forward to spending time with them after work and instead of cleaning or picking up on weekends all I want to do is spend time just watching them grow. (and of course sleep. LOL)

Here are just a few of my favorite pics of August.  And finally a family picture! Pebbles is missing but maybe next time. 

1st Family Portrait by N@ with a tripod

Cute Mami and boy shot!

1st day of school!

Happy baby Lucas!

Nic's love pat for Lucas!

Cupcakes to celebrate Nic's 1/2 Birthday (3.5)!!

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