Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 8/15

Here are my scavenger hunt finds...


Nicolas is learning emotions and we said make a sad face and this was his response...So his mood was sad for just a second.

Something masculine:

At the photowalk, I took this picture and it just screamed manly. It reminded me of the Pittsburgh Steelers, steel workers, and dirty sweaty men.

Something feminine:

I've been in search of cute bathing suits for our adult only vacation vacation so this afternoon Leo, Nic and I were walking at target and I saw this huge display of bathing suits. And it screamed feminine. Oh and I have one of these, and no it is not a string bikini.


This is one from my archives. I took this one while we were on vacation in Texas. I really liked the reflection of the clouds and the modern look of this building.


I took a few pics of my initials but I didn't like any of them. And I started scribbling and then I remembered that I know the alphabet in sign language. These are not the best pictures but these are my initials spelled out with my hands.

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I will be on vacation this week so no blog post until I get I hope you have a great week, I know I will. :)



  1. your initial shot is creative! love seeing your little guy again.

  2. Love the initial shot! Great interpretation. Your mood shot is too cute. I tried that with my kiddo and got NOTHIN. :)

  3. Cute mood shot and the sign language is a great idea!

  4. What a cute sad face:)great photos

  5. Clever shots!! Especially your initials :)

  6. Sign language - GREAT idea!! I love it! Your little guy is absolutely precious. What a gorgeous little face! Love your masculine shot too!

  7. Love the mood and the initial shots! Great photos!

  8. Your initials rock my world. I had the hardest time with that one.

  9. I really love your initials shot - what a great idea!