Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 8/1

This was a really slow week for me photography wise. Leo was out of town so my time was consumed by taking care of Nicolas all by myself. I was able to take some pictures and here are my scavenger hunt finds...

1: Wide Open

This is one of my favorite pictures from the photowalk and I used it for POTW and Macro Monday. I loved the colors of the flowers and the color of the butterfly. Patience paid off.


This is Leo's alarm clock, he has had it longer than we have been together (and that is a very long time 11+ years). It is the ugliest green piece of junk and it is partially broken.

The last number is missing one of the lights and the top has a wax burn. Leo tried to impress me and lit candles and the wax burned the top of the alarm clock. Oops.

And here I'm encouraging Nicolas to break it so it can get put out of its misery.

And Papi caught us red handed...maybe next time.

3:JunkThere was so much junk at the Durham photo walk, it was hard to pick one picture. I really liked this picture. I got some cool bokeh and headlight was a cool junky specimen.

4:ShinyAll the windows were so clean and shiny and I was able to get a really good self portrait in the window.

5:View from belowPebbles was being mean to Nicolas so I punished her in the stairs. I was standing below the staircase trying to get a good picture of her pitiful face. As the time goes along both Nicolas and Pebbles are becoming rougher with each other. Pebbles does not have the motherly instinct they fight like brother and sister. It makes for interesting evenings.

I hope you had a great weekend. Too see more cool scavenger hunt pics click below.



  1. The pictures of the butterfly and the dog are really incredible!

  2. I love love the butterfly and the "junk" photo! All your photos are wonderful.

  3. Oh my, your butterfly picture is so beautiful... I seriously told my kids to come look at this great picture. The colors are breathtaking!

  4. I just love your butterfly photo! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

  5. Pebbles looks so sad! Great shot!

  6. I love the composition for your "junk." & your view from below is sooo cute! Oh & the butterfly is pretty incredible...I should just say that I love the ALL :D

  7. that butterfly belongs on a huge canvas on my wall. i LOVE the colors. so beautiful.

  8. I really love your butterfly shot and the story of the alarm clock is quite funny.

  9. Love your self portrait with the name in the window.... and the puppy from below. Cute!