Monday, October 18, 2010

Scavenger Hunt 10/18

I'm back to doing the scavenger hunt and this week it was tough. I tried getting some cool shots but ended up with kinda boring ones but I still wanted to participate.

1) Faces framed in nature

So I kinda cheated on this one b/c I made the eyes but doesn't this leaf look like an elephant?

2) Jack-O-Lantern

The finished product. By the way this was the first time we have ever carved pumpkins. Not to shabby.

3) Warm

A boring scarf.

4) Side lighting

I tried many different things and these were my two favorites of my two favorite things to photograph, Nic and Pebbles.

5) Sunset (from my archives)

And this one is a little different. I set up the shot and my BFF took the picture. I wanted to get a silhouette of Leo and me while on vacation. Not perfect but good enough.

I hope you have enjoyed them. Too see more great scavenger hunt entries click below.

Until next time!


  1. I think you did great this week and I'm quite impressed with your first jack o'lantern attempt! I don't even bother carving pumpkins. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Love the texture of the warm photo.

  3. I love your warm! much more than a boring scarf!

  4. awesome! That sunset is great. (and by the way, that shot of the moon below? WOW.)

    Thanks for the compliments! you're sweet.

  5. Um...these are your boring shots?! These are AWESOME! I completely love the scarf pic for some reason; the texture is amazing. Your side-lighting - awesome and I love your pumpkin carvings! I took a pic of ours, but they don't look happy and friendly like yours. So cute!

  6. I wouldn't call these boring! Love your face shot. The scarf definitely makes me think warm. My momis always making knitted things for us and they are so comfy and warm