Monday, June 21, 2010

In Honor of Father's Day...

This is a letter to my wonderful husband...
I want to thank you for being such a wonderful father. You have changed since Nicolas was born. Your are more gentle, more loving, more patient, and more thoughtful. As I watched you play with Nicolas yesterday I realized why you wanted to be a dad so badly. It is the quiet moments in the morning just you and him, it is the big smile Nic gives you when you walk in from work, it is the contagious giggle he lets out when you tickle him, it is the peaceful toddler letting you rock him to sleep. I know that the early months were hard for both of us but looking back they were so worth. I'm so glad we have embarked in this parenthood journey together.

Love you Nat & Nic

Nic at one day old!

First Father's Day

Nicolas' first bat

my two sleeping boys (taken w/ camera phone)

Lastly this was taken yesterday (on father's day).

To many more Father's Days in the future...


  1. Hi Nat!

    this was so beautiful. i even got teary eyes... I am so glad that you and Leo have been together for so long, that is what real love is about. Now with your baby, you guys look even happier!
    God bless you and your family Nat.

    love you,
    Gloria Menendez

  2. Gloria, what a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the sweet words. Leo and Nic are the most important things up here. I miss all you guys back home but we are very happy.