Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It is a jungle out there...

Lately there has been a bunch of talk about bugs on the photo forum and Pioneer Woman just finished up a photography assignment. So yesterday as I was walking Pebbles along the small wooded area by my house, I saw this really cool dragonfly. (see 1st pic). Today I took out my camera and went on a mini bug picture hunt. I found a ton of cool bugs!!

The dragonfly that kept buzzing around me...

Then I caught a glimpse of this really cool small butterfly...

Then this other butterfly. I love the red and gray.

And last I saw this little thing jump on this leaf and I thought it was a cricket. But as I inspected the leaves more closely, it was a mini frog! It was adorable. I even saw it catch a few flies. (that would have been an awesome pic but I'm not that good yet).

Here is a link to my full set on flickr.

Have a great evening!


  1. That's it - I'm going on a bug hunt.

  2. awesome pics, they look fake.. especially the dragonfly one. awesome shots!