Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photo Challenge: Skywatch

1st off, this is my 50th post! WOOHOO!

Next this picture is one of my favorites of the sky. Nicolas and I went were walking along the beach (Myrtle Beach) and I noticed it was getting pretty dark. I thought it was going to rain so we ran back to the room. I watched the clouds roll in and it was beautiful. So here it is...the beach just as the storm clouds rolled see more entries go to skywatch

Happy Clickin


  1. That's a really beautiful scene. I love the contrast in lighting between the dark sky and bright sky along with the silhouettes. Well done!

  2. The silhouettes of the palm trees make an excellent shAPE FOr you foreground. I also like the delicate colour of the sky over the ocean. Don't you just love the smell of the rain as it comes on in?

  3. Beautiful sky. I love the beach. I lived in CA for about a year, exactly 1 block from the beach. I do miss it.
    Thanks for coming by.
    Peace...Naila Moon

  4. Absolutely beautiful Nat! I'll email you at some point this week about getting together next week. I'm excited about our photo walk!

  5. Hi Nat, that is a nice mood shot.

  6. I don't live the place where is near the beach.
    So I wanna walk along with somebody on the beach near my house like you!
    your boy looks very cute.
    you're so happy to have such a cute boy!