Friday, July 9, 2010

Texas in Pictures part 2

So here are a few more pics from Texas...
We went sight seeing and it was sooo hot!! Texas was prepared for the heat and at the parks are fully equipped with sprinkler parks. Nicolas was weary at the first park. But the next day he was loving it!

Align Center
He was weary at first wondering if he could touch the water...

Then he put his hand in it...

Then right on top of a sprinkler and the water was squirting up his short.

And here you can see the sprinkler park and all the kids enjoying the water in 100+ degree day.

I had a blast watching Nicolas have fun and I wish I would have been ready to get in the sprinkler park with him.

I hope you are enjoying the summer...


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  1. Well it looks like Nicholas is having fun. I've seen him trying to jump into a fountain so I can't imagine him being scared of the water.