Friday, July 2, 2010

Texas in pictures part 1...

This past weekend we (Leo, Nicolas and I) went to visit my sister in Texas! My BFF and her hubby came along too. We had a great time hanging out, eating, and sight seeing Houston, TX. One morning we went to this great eclectic restaurant, The Bake Shoppe and Cafe, for a breakfast buffet. The pancakes were amazing, large, fluffy, and chocolate chip...yummo. The buffet was also awesome; bacon, eggs, potatoes, biscuits, grits, etc.

Here are some pics of the restaurant.

My restaurant was full of funky decorations. Every wall was full of unique art pieces. This owl was my favorite. And when I looked closer I saw what his eyes were framed with...Corona bottle caps! One of my go to beers on a hot summer day.
I also got drawn to this old mailbox. Nothing too interesting at first glance. But this old mailbox was used as art and recycled as a menu stand. I call it recycled art and I think that was the theme of the restuarant.

Delicious food, great service, great conversation, and great friends/family. I can not ask for more.

(not the best picture but it will do. sometimes it is not the quality but about the memories).

I have a few more Texas pics to share so more post to come.


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